ChrysaLabs, a HIVE Success Story

July 26, 2020

For many startups, getting the business off the ground can be a challenge. Moving from the garage to the office can be a daunting leap.

For ChrysaLabs—a tech startup who use AI to produce soil sampling probes for agricultural uses—The Hive made it possible to make that transition with the flexibility offered by its spaces, and by its turnkey philosophy.

Jacques Michiels, CIO of ChrysaLabs, says the ability to walk into their office and get to work right away was what made them chose The Hive to locate their business.

Even something as simple as having furniture as part of the office space were a big help to getting going.

“Even the desk is not to my table. It's useful at this at this early stage of the project. It was really simple,” Michels says. “We just came in everything is there, that was the big thing. The infrastructure is exactly what we need, we didn’t have to set up anything.”

Because the nature of their business is partially reliant on grants, the short-term leases offered by The Hive, and the ability to up- or downsize as necessary, means that they don’t have the pressure of being locked into a multi-year lease.

“We were really looking for places like this one, because we don't really know where we want to be in six months,” Michiels says.

He says The Hive meant they were able to move into a professional space earlier than most startups. “A startup seems to be a bit more developed when they come into a space like this,” he says.

With more than six months in The Hive, ChrysaLabs have been able to establish their business in a professional environment, without over-stretching themselves. And The Hive is there to build along side them.

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