Where Grown-ups do Business

July 29, 2020

Co-working gets a bad name. But The Hive isn’t co-working, not quite. It takes its best elements and disposes with the rest.

The Hive is where grown-ups do business.

The culture of Hive workplaces is about getting things done. It’s about growing businesses surrounded by other people looking to grow theirs, too.

But it’s not a traditional office space either. The idea is that it’s relaxed, but professional. There’s no dress code, but there isn’t a mixer every Tuesday, either.

The Hive is where businesses come to grow, not to play.

We’ve taken the best parts of co-working spaces—made-to-measure offices, flexible leasing, a focus on small businesses—and ditched the unnecessary parts.

You’ll still get all the essential things you need. An internet hookup, access to a printer/copier, and basic furniture are still all part of the deal. Once you start with The Hive you can walk in and get to work.

But, The Hive is about more than just having the basic infrastructure you need for business, we’re there to grow alongside you. As your business changes in size, we can make adjustments to make things work for you.

And once you start, it’s a relaxed atmosphere where you can get things done.

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