Phase II, A new Hive open its doors

July 23, 2020

To meet with the demand for more flexible, modern office space, we’ve opened up Phase II of The Hive.

It’s the evolution of The Hive concept. We took the lessons learned from the first Hive to elevate the experience in this next generation. A better appointed and more accessible kitchen, individual climate controls for each office, and a new layout are all part of the refinements we’ve made to the Hive model.

The idea behind the second phase was to build upon the foundation laid by the first. Phase II still offers made-to-measure office spaces, ready for you to walk in and start working right away. Printers, internet access, event space, and conference rooms are still there when you need them.

But we’ve added new features like private phone booths, and a re-designed common area, with a new overall floor plan to maximize the spaces you need the most. No matter the size of the office you need, each one comes with its own climate controls so you can find the comfort zone for you and your team.

We have offices in sizes suitable for all sorts of small- and medium-sized businesses. From startups just getting off the ground, to established companies looking to grow, The Hive has something to offer everyone.

Our redesigned office spaces give you the privacy you want, without cutting you off from the outside world.

No matter which phase of The Hive, some things are have stayed the same. We still operate on short-term leases to give you the flexibility to keep your office needs in line with your business needs. All our offices are turnkey, so you can get to work on day one.

Utilities and services are all built into your rent. And we still make administration and leasing straightforward, so you can focus on your business, not stacks of paperwork.

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